Take a seed. Save a seed. Leave a seed.

"How does it work?"

The Burk’s Falls Seed Library makes gardening accessible for all by providing informational workshops, reference materials, and a free Seed Savers Exchange. The Library promotes sustainable gardening, and seed saving practices. Our moto is Take a Seed, Save a Seed, Leave a Seed.

Take a Seed: Whether you are a master gardener or a beginner, we encourage you to borrow seeds from our Seed Savers Exchange to plant in your garden.

Save a Seed: It is the responsibility of the gardener to save the seeds from the plants once they have fully matured. On the back of each seed packet, the library provides simple instructions for harvesting seeds.

Leave a Seed: Once you have harvested seeds from the plant, we ask that some of those seeds be returned to the library. By returning seeds to the exchange, you make it possible for the Seed Library to grow, and allow other gardener and members of the community to get involved.

"How can I get involved?"

  • Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and spread the word about our Seed Library!

  • Become a member by filling out an online registration form which will be submitted to the Library, or you may choose a printable option and bring it into the library in person.

  • Participate in Seed Saver Exchange events and workshops! We host various kinds of events for children and for adults!

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