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Local Music


Music plays a very important role in bringing people together, it has the ability to provide comfort and lyrics that the listener can relate to. Check out local singer and songwriter Glen Reid here to listen to some of his original music.



After almost a year living in a pandemic there's many stories that can be shared, from new activities to new things to be grateful for. Read about these individuals stories here and feel free to send in your own stories as well!



Lockdown has given many a chance to be inspired and take time to engage with their creative side. Take a look at some of the artwork that has been sent in!

A Cowboy Birthday


A young boy navigates life in the Pandemic. His moving story explores how COVID has impacted his schooling, the challenges with travelling, and making the most out of a challenging situation. Read about his story to be inspired!

New Hobbies


During the Pandemic many people are trying out new hobbies with their new found free time, these people tried out new creative ways to make the most out of quarantined life! Click here to see what some people got up to.

Sharing your Story


Help us by contributing your story and experiences during this historic event.

I believe that sharing stories helps to keep us connected with one another and feel less isolated, especially in difficult times. You are not alone in this!

I've linked a short article to help explain the importance of sharing stories. 

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