Section B: Administration
  1. Privacy, Access to Information and Electronic Messages under CASL

  2. Collection Development

  3. Facility Use

  4. Record Retention

  5. Operational Continuity

Section C: Patron Services
  1. Information Services

  2. Local History

  3. Children and Youth Services

  4. Membership and Circulation 

  5. Interlibrary Loan

  6. Privacy and Confidentiality of Patron Information

  7. Programming

  8. Rules of Conduct

  9. Proctoring

Section D: Financial
  1. Capital Assets

  2. Travel Expenses

  3. Finance - General Procedures

  4. Gifts, Donations, and Sponsorship

Section E: Technology
  1. Public Internet Services  

Section F: Personnel 

I. General

F-I-1. Human Resources Policy - General

II. Hiring, Search, & Selection

F-II-1. Eligibility for Employment

F-II-2. Notice of Vacancies

F-II-3. Job Descriptions

F-II-4. Employment Interview

F-II-5. Letter of Employment

III. Orientation

F-III-1. Orientation

F-III-2. Probationary Employment

IV. Employment Conditions & Benefits

F-IV-1. Annual Vacation

F-IV-2. Benefits

F-IV-3. Hours of Work

F-IV-4. Leave of Absence

F-IV-5. Salary & Wage Scales

F-IV-6. Staff Code of Conduct & Ethical Behaviour

F-IV-7. Statutory Holidays

F-IV-8. Sick Leave

F-IV-9. Resignation

F-IV-10. Parental Leave (Unpaid)

F-IV-11. Critical Illness Leave (Unpaid)

F-IV-12. Temporary Lay-Off and Recall

V. Performance & Rewards

F-V-1. Performance Evaluation

F-V-2. Training and Staff Development

VI. Grievance/Disciplinary Actions/Harassment Processes

F-VI-1. Disciplinary Action

F-VI-2. Grievances

F-VI-3. Dismissal of Employee

F-VI-4. Workplace Harassment

F-VI-5. Workplace Violence

VII. Personnel Records

F-VII-1. Personnel Files

F-VII-2. References, Verbal & Written

VIII. Students & Volunteers

F-VIII-1. Students

F-VIII-2. Volunteers

Section G: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
  1. Accessible Customer Service

  2. Meeting the Requirements for AODA Regulations


Appendix 1 - Canadian Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom

Appendix 2 - Record Retention Schedule

Appendix 3 - Children's Rights in the Public Library

Appendix 4 - Job Descriptions

Appendix 5 - Salary Grid

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