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Section E: Technology
Section F: Personnel 

I. General

F-I-1. Human Resources Policy - General

II. Hiring, Search, & Selection

F-II-1. Eligibility for Employment

F-II-2. Notice of Vacancies

F-II-3. Job Descriptions

F-II-4. Employment Interview

F-II-5. Letter of Employment

III. Orientation

F-III-1. Orientation

F-III-2. Probationary Employment

IV. Employment Conditions & Benefits

F-IV-1. Annual Vacation

F-IV-2. Benefits

F-IV-3. Hours of Work

F-IV-4. Leave of Absence

F-IV-5. Salary & Wage Scales

F-IV-6. Staff Code of Conduct & Ethical Behaviour

F-IV-7. Statutory Holidays

F-IV-8. Sick Leave

F-IV-9. Resignation

F-IV-10. Parental Leave (Unpaid)

F-IV-11. Critical Illness Leave (Unpaid)

F-IV-12. Temporary Lay-Off and Recall

V. Performance & Rewards

F-V-1. Performance Evaluation

F-V-2. Training and Staff Development

VI. Grievance/Disciplinary Actions/Harassment Processes

F-VI-1. Disciplinary Action

F-VI-2. Grievances

F-VI-3. Dismissal of Employee

F-VI-4. Workplace Harassment

F-VI-5. Workplace Violence

VII. Personnel Records

F-VII-1. Personnel Files

F-VII-2. References, Verbal & Written

VIII. Students & Volunteers

F-VIII-1. Students

F-VIII-2. Volunteers

Section G: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
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