Your Pandemic Stories

Time Capsule 

Our family created a time capsule as a means to document the pandemic.  This past Saturday we had a Zoom call and everyone shared their time capsule. It will increase in value as the years go by. 


I am a resident of Burk’s Falls in the summer. The cottage was especially cherished this summer as I felt free of "Covid" while spending time in the Almaguin Highlands. I remained at the cottage throughout the summer months and only went to Burk’s Falls once a week for groceries, the LCBO and to pick up my curb side order of DVDs at your library.

- Linda Chown

Waiting List 

It is February 4th and my 91 year old mother just received her second Covid 19 shot. Yeah!! I feel relieved that she is protected. My boss, who is living in his Hilton head, South Carolina, condo, has a  vaccination scheduled for his first shot next Tuesday. My colleagues' parents in India report that they can get their shots at any time now with permission from their family doctor. Meanwhile in Canada we wait... We are 33rd in the list of countries' deployment  efficiency of the vaccine. It is unfortunate for many Canadian who are not in retirement, nursing homes, or are medical professionals! 

- Susan Fern-MacDougall