Meet the Team!

Library Staff Members:

Left to right: Cody Wainright (Library Coordinator), Ziggy Siebert (Program Coordinator & Tech Support), Nieves Guijarro (C.E.O.), Josie Woodman (Former Employee) and Dorothy Simcock (Library Assistant)

  • Bev Abbott (Trustee)
  • Rod Blakelock (Councillor)

  • Kate England (Chair)

  • Jennifer Furtney (Vice-Chair)

  • Sue Morgan (Trustee)

  • Werner Mueller (Trustee)

  • Jarvis Osborne (Councillor)

  • Delynne Patterson (Councillor)

  • Penny Robb (Treasurer)

Library Board Members:

Municipal Representatives:

  • Dennis Banka (M/M Councillor)

Board Meetings

The Burk's Falls, Armour & Ryerson Union Public Library Board meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm.

Special meetings may be called at any time, and meetings may be cancelled due to weather, holidays and special occasions, or light agendas. If you are planning to attend it is best to check with the Library CEO before the meeting. The meetings are held in the Library at 39 Copeland St., Burk's Falls, Ontario.

"Minutes" are recordings of the Library Board Meetings. To learn more about "Minutes", head over to our Local History page! 

Mobile Users: To view PDF Minutes, please switch to Desktop.

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